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  • 1-Koziar's Christmas Village
    Christmas Village at dusk
  • 2-Koziar's Christmas Village
    Beautiful view reflected in the lake
  • 3-Koziar's Christmas Village
    Taking a picture with Santa
  • 5-NEW-KoziarsChristmasVillage

    Koziar's farmhouse after a snow

  • 5-Koziar's Christmas Village
    Outdoors with all the pretty lights
  • 6-Koziar's Christmas Village
    Step inside one of the many gift shops
  • 7-Koziar's Christmas Village
    Enjoy the view at "The Kissing Bridge"
  • 8-Koziar's Christmas Village
    The Old Firehouse
  • 14-Koziar's Christmas Village
    Magical world inside the Firehouse
  • 9-Koziar's Christmas Village
    Bigger than life Santa!
  • 10-Koziar's Christmas Village
    A peak at the indoor train display
  • 11-Koziar's Christmas Village
    Smiling faces in a Winter Wonderland
  • 12-Koziar's Christmas Village
    Snowy barnyard at dusk
  • 13-Koziars Christmas Village
    Strolling by the Little Village
  • 15-Koziar's Christmas Village
    Stop in at Santa's Toy Shop
  • 16-Koziar's Christmas Village
    Children love the Koziar's animal friends
  • 17-Koziar's Christmas Village
    The old schoolhouse reminds of simpler times
  • 18-Koziar's Christmas Village
    Santa says, "Come see me soon!"
When William M. Koziar began decorating the farm for Christmas in 1948, the display was created for the enjoyment of Koziar's wife, Grace, and their four children. It originally centered on the house and barn. Soon after, the display became more elaborate and incorporated the lake, walkways, trees, and fences.  
Step inside Koziar's Christmas Village and revel in the beauty of a valley glowing with over a million Christmas lights.  Learn More: Hours & Prices

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